Farm Modernisation Programme - Information Note

6th February 2013

Making a Claim for Financial Support under Tranche 3 of the Farm Modernisation Programme

You are due to submit your claim for financial support shortly, please ensure that you return the following 4 claim documents comprising: Annex 2, Monitoring Information, Expenditure table & Declaration & Claim page to Countryside Services Limited, 97 Moy Rd, Dungannon, Co. Tyrone, BT71 7DX with your claim should include:

1.  A valid invoice must be supplied for each item on which you are claiming financial support.  All invoices submitted with a claim must:

  • Be an original invoice;
  • Be marked with the date of payment and the cheque number issued to the supplier, or detail of other payment method,
  • Clearly show the supplier’s name , address and telephone number and where applicable, the VAT registration number;
  • Clearly show the Project Promoter’s name;
  • Show the date of supplying  the goods;
  • Provide a full description of the goods provided including quantities, serial numbers, where appropriate, and unit price;
  • Clearly show the purchase price of each item separate from any associated costs such as delivery charges, installation charges and so on;
  • Show the total amount due for payment by the Project Promoter;
  • Show the amount of VAT charged as a separate item. If the supplier is not VAT registered, a written statement from the supplier should indicate this fact. This written statement should be signed, dated and the person signing should indicate his/her status in the firm, for example, owner, accountant, cashier;
  • Show, where appropriate, the net amount actually paid by the Project Promoter giving details of discount, credit or hire charges and so on, which fully explain the amount due and amount paid.

Invoices in Euro will be accepted, however, payment of financial support will be made in Sterling. The exchange rate will be calculated based on the date on which the transaction cleared the bank account.

2. An original bank statement (bank print off’s will also be accepted provided the document is stamped and signed by a bank official) indicating that the invoice(s) have been paid in full.

If the bank print off does not show the applicants account name please include a photocopy of a blank cheque to link the account number with account name.