Farmers Continue to Access FarmSafeNet

12th October 2015

Over 1,000 farmers have accessed FarmSafeNet, the online farm safety tool designed to raise awareness of the dangers that exist on farms.

FarmSafeNet is part of a suite of activities developed by the industry led Farm Safety Partnership which since its formation in 2012 has been combining resources and working closely with the farming community to develop a culture of safety first on farms. 

The four main dangers within the farming industry are working with slurry, animals, falls from height and working with equipment.  The FarmSafeNet website contains valuable information and advice on these four areas and the Farm Safety Partnership urge all those working or living on a farm to visit the site.

The introduction of this easy-to-use and accessible on-line tool will build on the good progress already achieved through the FarmSafe awareness events and the wider work of the Partnership. 

To access FarmSafeNet simply go on-line and access to read the resources available and complete the quiz.  On completion of the quiz you will receive a certificate containing a unique reference number which you will be advised to retain for future reference. Completing FarmsafeNet online will be a requirement when accessing funding within agreed schemes of the new Rural Development Programme.