FarmSafe Awareness: A Family Affair

29th May 2014

The competition created a lot of interest and discussion around safety on the farm.  The lucky winner Fergus Ferguson from Stewartstown, Co Tyrone is pictured with Teresa Canavan, Chief Executive of the Rural Development Council. 

Fergus said “I am delighted to have won this prize which myself and my wife will find extremely useful.  With many things being completed online it will give us access to a wide range of services including DARD online.  Safety on the farm is very important for all the family and we fully support the stop and think campaign as it may save lives and reduce the number of accidents on the farm.” 

Many of the fatal accidents on Northern Ireland farms involve Slurry, Animal, Equipment or Falls.  Most farmers know someone who has had a close shave on the farm and unfortunately many will know of someone who has been killed or badly injured as a result of not taking the time to Stop and Think before starting any task on the farm. 

Teresa Canavan said “FarmSafe Awareness sessions, offer practical training on a Focus Farm covering the everyday hazards faced by farmers and farming families. Topics include: Working at Height; Slurry Risks; Handling Livestock; and Working with Machinery.  Events can also be held in community venues and registrations can be accepted on a group or individual basis.”

To book a workshop please contact FarmSafe Awareness on 0845 026 7536 or email