FarmSafe Making an Impact

30th April 2014

The Farm Safety Partnership is calling on all farmers and their families to participate in FarmSafe Awareness following a recent survey which revealed the impact attendance has made in raising awareness and in helping to support change on the farm.

George Lucas, Chair of the Farm Safety Partnership said, “We are very encouraged by the findings.  An overwhelming 98% of respondents indicated that attending FarmSafe Awareness provided motivation for change on the farm and that they were likely to take workshop information home and do something about it.”

Mr Lucas went on to say, “When asked about changes made since attending, a very encouraging 2,700 actions were recorded from taking time to plan work in advance to improve safety when working with slurry and equipment.  Of the 600 responses received, well over half of these reported replacing PTO Guards.  This is exactly the sort of behavioural change the Farm Safety Partnership is looking for and to know that many pieces of farm equipment are safer as a result of FarmSafe Awareness makes it well worth doing. I would encourage all farmers and their families to get involved.”

Teresa Canavan, speaking on behalf of the Countryside Agri Rural Partnership, responsible for administering the initiative said; We are continuing to promote and deliver FarmSafe events throughout Northern Ireland ensuring that the important farm safety message reaches farm households.  If you are a farmer, member of a farm family or involved in a farming group and wish to attend a FarmSafe event please get in touch.  Events can be arranged locally and participation is free to the farming community”.

FarmSafe Awareness is open to farmers and farm families aged 17 and over. Attendance is by registration (so we can arrange suitable facilities). If you would like further information or to register please contact FarmSafe Awareness on Tel: 0845 026 7536 or Email: