IT's for Farm Families

7th October 2013

Following on from the success of previous basic computer classes farmers and farm families throughout Northern Ireland are again being given the opportunity to learn more about computers, the internet and working online. 

As the farming industry becomes increasingly modernised with new technology it’s important that farmers have the skills required to move forward.  Commencing in September 2013 Farm Family Options are offering basic computer classes to give farmers the opportunity to gain basic skills in using online services, sending & receiving emails, searching the internet and much much more.  Classes will be delivered locally and run over 4 evening sessions. 

Speaking on behalf of the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development (DARD) Michael McLean, Axis One Manager, said “With greater emphasis now being placed on using computers within the farm business we see this course as a step in the right direction, particularly in targeting those who have never used a computer before or those with little experience.  We encourage farmers and their families to avail of this opportunity, funded through the Northern Ireland Rural Development Programme.  Sessions have been designed with the farm audience in mind and will offer practical hands on ability to use computers within the farm business.”

To date over 900 farmers have taken up the offer of training.  Margaret Scott a participant on the previous training said; “Before attending this course I had very limited IT knowledge and as DARD are progressing to complete forms online I felt I needed to obtain the skills in order to move with technology.  The course was excellent, the content was relevant to what I wanted to learn and the tutor was able to tailor the course to suit the needs of the class.  I would recommend it to all farmers and the fact that it is local, free and over 4 evenings makes it very accessible.”  

This programme is part of the Farm Family Options measure being managed by the Countryside Agri-Rural Partnership on behalf of DARD and is open to both farmers and members of the farm family age 17 and over.  A Farm Business ID Number is required.  Farming organisations within the area can also take the opportunity to register as a group and have the training delivered to them in a local venue. 

For more information or to register please contact Anne Marie Bell, Farm Family Options on 0845 026 7534.