Make Farm Safety your New Year's resolution

7th January 2015

Why not add Farm Safety to your list of New Year Resolutions for 2015.  To date over 4,000 farmers have attended a Farm Safe Awareness event which highlights how not taking the time to Stop & Think can result in serious accidents both on and off the farm.

FarmSafe Awareness is an initiative developed by the industry through the Farm Safety Partnership and is designed specifically for the Northern Ireland farming community.  FarmSafe Awareness events cover the everyday hazards faced by farmers and farming families including, Working at Height; Slurry Risks; Handling Livestock; and Working with Machinery. 

FarmSafe Awareness is open to farmers and farm families aged 17 and over. Attendance is free of charge and training takes place across the north within FarmSafe farms and community venues.

For those farmers, farm family members or employees that are unable to attend a Farmsafe event they have the opportunity to go online and access a new farm safety tool which has been designed to raise awareness of the dangers that exist on farms.

To access FarmSafeNet simply go on-line and access, view the videos, read the resources available and complete the quiz. On completion of the quiz you will receive a certificate containing a unique reference number which you should retain for future reference.

Attending a FarmSafe event or completing FarmSafeNet online will be a requirement when accessing funding within agreed schemes of the new Rural Development Programme.

If you would like to register to attend a FarmSafe event or get further information on the Programme contact FarmSafe Awareness on 0845 026 7536 or Email: