Rural Stakeholders Attend FarmSafe Awareness Event

12th September 2013

A  FarmSafe Awareness event aimed specifically at rural stakeholders took place on Paul O’Hagan’s focus farm.  The event was attended by organisations including the Women’s Institute, Citizen’s Online, RSNs, Countryside Services, Lantra, Ulster Farmers Union and Rural Support.

The idea behind the event was to give rural stakeholder organisations an opportunity to hear at first hand the Farmsafe message and to encourage them to join in the industry wide promotion of both message and events.

The FarmSafe trainer, Tom McBride, delivered the presentation covering 4 topics: Safety, Animals, Falls, and Equipment.  A number of case studies were also included in the presentation which clearly demonstrated how taking a few extra minutes to stop and think could help reduce the number of accidents that can occur both on and off the farm.     

To book a FarmSafe Awareness event contact FarmSafe on 0845 026 7536 or email 

Registrations can be accepted on a group or individual basis and sessions will run once a minimum of 10 people are registered for one FarmSafe Awareness course.  Sessions can run during week days or on Saturdays as demands request.