Supply Chain

The overall aim of the Supply Chain Development Programme is to support farmers working together, and with others, to improve the rewards from their supply chain. The programme officially closed for new applications on 30th April, 2013.

Supply Chain Development - An Overview

The Supply Chain Development (SCD) programme is now closed.  The SCD sought to improve the marketing of agricultural produce through developing a culture of collaboration between producers, processors and stakeholders.

The SCD programme was primarily aimed at early stage enterprises/projects (producers, farmers and food producers) which had not yet developed relationships with their supply chain partners. It sought to move them to a stage where they were confident to adopt new supply chain processes and offers the opportunity to gain greater knowledge in relation to what processors and retailers are looking for in order to satisfy the market for their product. This was achieved by a team of experienced Facilitators and managed by the Project Manager acting as Lead Facilitator.

The SCD measure included study tours which provided a platform for networking and gave producers an opportunity to promote their product to a wider market. Further support provided to groups included training and Specialist Mentoring, business tools, and co-operation support.