Ulster Arable Society identify potential for 27% increase in Economic Output for Arable Crops in the next 6 years

30th January 2014

PHOTO.  UAS Chairman Robert Moore and Group Facilitator Ian Duff present the UAS Strategy to  Noel Lavery, Permanent Secretary of the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development. 


The Ulster Arable Society launched their ‘Strategic Priorities for the Development of the Arable Sector in Northern Ireland’ at their conference on 21 January 2014.


The Strategy identifies a 27% increase in economic output for the sector and follows a yearlong review by the committee and members of the UAS with facilitation support provided through the Supply Chain Development Programme.  The Strategy sets out the potential of individual crops and what actions need to be taken by those involved in order to deliver this ambitious increase.


The detailed document identifies the changing market requirements for the arable sector and illustrates the challenges and opportunities faced in meeting these changing market demands. It compliments the “Going for Growth” strategy announced in May 2013 by the AgriFood Strategy Board and reflects the representation made by the Society to the Strategy Board.


The Full Review and Report for the Development of the Arable Sector in Northern Ireland is available to download  from the websites of the UAS or the Managing Agent for the Supply Chain Programme, Countryside Agri-Rural Partnership